Most people will probably bet their cars are very efficient in terms of overall performance until winter season when everything changes and they start experiencing car problems. If a car survives during the coldest and harshest winter season without developing any mechanical glitch then that car is definitely a high performing car regardless of the weather. Car malfunctions that are mostly experienced during winter depend on the type or model of the car, it is therefore no surprise that some cars are better off during winter compared to other vehicles.

The most common problem experienced by vehicles during winter season is failure to power due to the battery freezing when exposed in very low temperatures. It is also common to encounter most cars stuck in the snow probably for hours during winter; a common cause of traffic jam during such a harsh season. While some cars do experience mechanical glitch or get stuck deep in the snow during winter, many passengers complain of freezing uncomfortably while occupying the car. It is therefore important to know the right kind of car to drive during winter season in order to avoid any stressing car problems.

In order to know the most efficient car to drive during winter, it is best to identify the type or model of the car; whether it is hybrid or electric. Hybrid cars, just like the name suggest, uses both electric and petrol to power its engine while electric cars only utilize electric power to initiate its engine. Both hybrid and electric vehicles have pros and cons during winter season but it all depends on the preference of the owner. Hybrid types of vehicles are capable of cutting down the cost and consumption of fuel significantly while electric cars are better in keeping their occupants warm during winter.

Both Hybrid and electric cars may come with special features such as winter tires but how does the engine cope up with the cold season? To prevent a hybrid car’s engine from coughing and failing to power during a harsh winter morning, it is recommended to park the car in a garage with a warmer surrounding than outside; the same applies to electric cars. The reason why most cars are less efficient during winter is because the engine usually takes sometime before achieving normal temperature hence degrading the engine efficiency. Most hybrid and electric cars are capable of utilizing the passenger heater while the car is still plugged in, without reducing the battery charge.

The delay of car engine to reach normal temperature during winter affects electric cars in terms of average distance covered. An electric car will experienced a reduction in speed during winter season thus it will cover less distance. A hybrid car on the other hand, is more efficient than an electric car in terms of the average distance range covered within a specific time, though it is also affected by low temperature. A hybrid car is also more advantaged than an electric car when it comes to jump starting the car during winter; it jump starts faster than an electric car. In order to drive a hybrid or an electric car during winter, one requires an official driving license. There are many ways on how to book theory test online in advance provided one meets certain requirements such as having a provisional driving licence number.